Mary Jane Falls

Well today was unexpected. I drove up to Mt Charleston to take a few photos for a project I am working on. When I got there Cathedral Rock picnic area was closed for the season already. So I drove up to the Mary Jane Falls trailhead. I figured I could get a panorama from the bottom and call it a day, but I started walking and I kept walking. Next thing I knew I was halfway up to the Falls. I figured I had come this far, I might as well go all the way and I did. I was very impressed with myself today. Today was a great day!

Mary Jane Falls, Mt Charleston Nv


Hitting Fridays

My father and I have made a commitment. Each Friday, we will meet at the driving range and hit golf balls.  I have sincerely enjoyed this time, because not only do I get a chance to improve my game, I get to spend time with my Dad.